FCI International Selection of Decoys

The inscription form must be sent before: 21 September 2021 with confirmation of payment and a photocopy of the decoy licence issued by the NCO.

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Specifications for the organization of the FCI Mondioring World Championship & FCI International Selection for decoys
17. FCI International Selection of decoys
17.1 In the host country, at the place of the FCI Mondioring World Championship, an international decoy selection will be organized on Saturday and Sunday during the FCI Mondioring World Championship. The host country will make suitable premises and a field available, in accordance with the regulations.
17.2 The aim of this selection is to qualify the decoys. The qualification is the result of the average score at the different tests.
17.3 The entries of the decoys for the International Selection must be made by their FCI-NCO and sent to the Secretary of the FCI Commission for Mondioring before the closing date of the entries. The entries must be signed by their FCI-NCO representative. Only those entries will be valid.
17.4 In order to qualify, the decoy must obtain at least 70 % of the points during the two days.
17.5 The qualification attained remains valid for 4 years.
Qualifications adopted for the International Selection:
Excellent = 80%
Very Good = 70%
Good = 60%
17.6 The FCI Commission for Mondioring invites all affiliated FCI-NCOs to send decoys to the International Selection.
17.7 The exercises to present will be fixed in advance in a meeting of the FCI Commission for Mondioring.
17.8 The International Selection will be judged by minimum 3 judges who form the jury. These judges must come from three different countries. The judges will be designated by the FCI Commission for Mondioring.
17.9 Each decoy must come to the International Selection with at least 1 level III-dog; if the decoy does not meet the above requirements and conditions he can be refused. The dog handler accompanying the decoy must submit the workbook which will be controlled by a delegate designated by the FCI Commission for Mondioring ; when entering the decoy, the FCI-NCO must identify the competitor (handler) and the accompanying dog and attach a copy of the workbook which proves that the dog is a level III.
17.10 There will be a draw for dogs that the candidate must work with. The second day he will work
with another dog also designated by a draw. This means that each decoy works with two different dogs designated by draw.
17.11 The selection of decoys who may participate at the FCI Mondioring World Championship of the year is made based on the following criteria:
a. The decoy who obtained the most points.
b. The decoy who obtained the most points and being of another nationality than the winner
(provided that he has obtained minimum Very Good).
c. The decoy who obtained the most points and who is from the host country (provided that he
has obtained minimum Very Good).
d. If the host country has no candidate decoys in this selection, the second ranked will be
automatically selected ; in this case as in paragraphs b and c, a minimum of Very Good is required.
e. The decoys who are selected under a. and b. will officiate in level III at the FCI Mondioring World Championship, the decoy mentioned at point c. will be the reserve. If no decoy meets the criteria in points b and c (i.e. no decoy of a nationality different from the winner’s or from the host country has obtained minimum Very Good), then the third ranked becomes reserve and the first and second of the selection will officiate in FCI Mondioring World Championship
level III.
17.12 The decoy will present a full level III programme.
17.13 The judges will submit the decoys to an endurance test and control their knowledge of the FCI Mondioring rules.
17.14 After each exercise each judge gives his score-sheet -filled out and signed- to the selection commissioner designated by the FCI Commission for Mondioring.
17.15 The FCI-NCO that presents a decoy to the International Selection pays the registration fee of 40€ to the organiser. The accommodation expenses for the International Selection are borne by the decoy.
During this International Selection, the organisation offers the meals to the candidate decoy.
17.16 The decoy receives from the FCI Commission for Mondioring a certificate indicating the qualification obtained.
17.12 The judges’ expenses will be borne by the organiser.
In case a member of the FCI Commission for Mondioring participates in the jury of the International Selection, he cannot ask or qualify for travel or hotel expenses. It is customary that the organiser supports his meals during his stay.