Dear Mondioring friends,
it is my pleasure to invite you all to the FCI Mondioring World Championship 2021 held this year in Romania.
After the long time we were not able to meet and compete, it is finally the time when we can again celebrate our beloved sport together.
As far as I know, the organisation team has done a great amount of work till now and they are ready to welcome you on the championship field in Pecica.
This year the organisation of such an event is extremely complicated due to all national or international health regulations and I am personally very happy that they are organising this event with big support from the teams and competitors, who are all aware of the complicated all around situation.
I wish you all – the best time with your dogs and friends on or around the competition field.
I wish the decoys who are inscribed for the national selection good luck and good dogs, so they can present the best of them.
I wish the judges good eye and endurance so they can judge fair all the teams inscribed
and last but not least, I wish the organisation team everything runs smooth and easy.
And don’t forget, we are all just people and dogs are dogs. We all started to do Mondioring for fun and I wish it stays so forever.
Good luck, stay healthy and we see us soon 🙂
Radim Kelar
President of the FCI Commission for Mondioring dogs