FCI Regulations

Specifications for the organization of the FCI Mondioring World Championship

Authorization and registration of competitors

1.1 The total number of competitors at the FCI Mondioring World Championship is limited to 50 dogs on three days of competition Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If the circumstances so require, the FCI Commission for Mondioring can -in collaboration with the organizer- decide to reduce the number of dogs by country. The Commission decided the number of dogs to be registered for this WCh. 2021 is 4+1 reserve. The reserve dog can replace only a member of the national team and only before the drawing.

1.2 Competitors must be members of their FCI-NCO or members of a country invited by the FCI Commission for Mondioring. The right for an NCO to participate is governed by the following principles:

- To have competed in the level in which the dog is entered;
- To participate in level III a dog should have obtained at least 300 points (“rating sufficient”) between the former FCI Mondioring World Championship and the entry at the current FCI Mondioring World Championship (decision in Rotterdam on29/09/2010);
- Nationality:
> Legal residence (according to the FCI Statutes);
> The owner of the dog must have the nationality of the country for which it is involved or have a fixed residence minimum of twelve months in the country.
> If the owner of the dog has a dual nationality, he or she can choose under what nationality he or she wishes to participate. If this creates problems, this must be submitted to the FCI General Committee.

- The dog must be registered for at least 6 months in the Studbook of the country it is competing for.

1.3 Five competitors per country, plus a reserve dog, are authorized to compete in level III. The FCI Commission for Mondioring can determine every year in the February-March meeting the number of competitors allowed to compete, based on the number of dogs and the number of countries. Every competitor can only present one dog. Every dog can only participate once during the same FCI Mondioring World Championship. The FCI Commission for Mondioring can authorize the participation of dogs entered as reserve according to the possibilities. The decision shall be communicated to the NCO directly after the close of registrations.

1.4 The winner of the FCI Mondioring World Championship is entitled to defend his title the following year, with the same dog, if entered by his country. His selection depends on his NCO. If his NCO selects him, he will be added to the number of dogs allowed per country.

1.5 Each NCO may enter two reserve competitors for the FCI Mondioring World Championship. They will be listed in the catalogue. If a competitor referred to in 8.3 cannot participate due to illness or accident, only reserve-dogs entered can replace him, under the condition that the public drawing of lots the eve of the FCI Mondioring World Championship (Thursday night see point 4.10) has not yet taken place.

1.6 A member of the organizing committee cannot participate as a handler in the FCI Mondioring World Championship.

1.7 The dog must have a pedigree recognized by the FCI.

1.8 The NCOs must collect registrations and transmit them to the organiser before the closing date of the entries.

Entries must include the following particulars:
> Name of the NCO
> Name, address, telephone, team leader’s e-mail
> Name, address, telephone, participants email (and the reserves)
> Name of the dog, breed, date of birth, pedigree n°, workbook n°, identification n° (chip, tattoo), father, mother, breeder
> A copy of the workbook, pedigree registration and sociability test. To be taken into consideration, the entries must be signed by the NCO’s representative.

1.9 Before September 1st of the FCI Mondioring World Championship year, the NCOs must confirm the number of participants to the organizer of the FCI Mondioring World Championship.

1.10 The nominative entries should be sent to the organizer by the NCOs before the closing date of entries, mentioned in the invitation.

1.11 The respective NCO must be notified by mail or email if an entry cannot be taken into consideration.

2. Workbook

2.1 The participants must be in possession of a workbook established by their NCO. The workbooks must be given to the organiser before the start of the FCI Mondioring World Championship. They will be returned at the end of the results proclamation.

2.2 During this period the dog is under the responsibility of the participant who is liable for the animal’s good behavior (see point 14).

2.3 In the workbook it must be written and clearly marked “FCI Mondioring World Championship” next to the result.

Health Book

2.4 The host country will indicate on the entry documents and on the website the compulsory vaccines for the dogs entered.

2.5 The participants must submit their updated health book. Failing to do so will result in their dogs being denied participation.